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Worlwide Pro-Mixing for Music in Dolby Atmos (R)

By mixing music in Dolby Atmos for an immersive listening experience, we at AudioNova-MusicStudio help modern and forward-thinking music producers and independant music labels to expand their audience.

With us you will be able to position yourself as a innovativ and future-oriented music producing business with a clear and visionary plan.

Get your musical productions become future-proofed.

Progress waits for no-one.
Don't be afraid to push yourself.
It's critical that you stay relevant!

Dolby Atmos (R) and Immersive Music

To enjoy the full potential of these immersive music examples -

AudioNova-Musicstudio creates timeless sound for a modern generation,
breaking free from seasonal trends.

We thrive on turning imperfections into opportunities for improvement.
We inject fascination, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

We see progress as a seamless, organic sound journey -
an experience rooted in enduring knowledge.

We envision a world full of vibrant music,
music with fewer restrictions, fewer compromises,
but more joy and freedom.

My name is Stefan Bangert and we are helping labels to create a substantial catalogue
and be modern in the way that resonates
with the audience you are looking for.

Let's continue to embrace innovation and
push the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of music production.

Come on and join in.
Ride this new Audio-Wave with us!

We show you the way.