On this page it’s all about me

Times are changing rapidly

Ever since I started mixing music in 2004, I’ve been asking myself how I can help other creatives and make the world a better place. During this time I have gained expertise in recording, mixing and mastering, helping bands to realise their vision – in stereo. The work I do is based on a few very simple principles:

  1. transparency

  2. emotion

  3. clarity

  4. vision of the artist

These principles are and will remain part of what I achieve in my work. But times are changing. Streaming services, higher internet bandwidth, algorhythms, 3D music with Dolby Atmos and metadata are here. We need to be aware of these changes and challenge ourselves to learn the new skills needed to keep up with the times, even if it makes us uncomfortable.

Progress waits for no-one. Don’t be afraid to push yourself. It’s critical that you stay relevant.

I don’t mix music for seasons, I create for the next generation audio.
When something isn’t perfect, I improve it.
When something is boring, I make it fascinating.

My definition of progress is a natural feeling sound experience.
Build on knowledge that will stand the test of time.
Both visionary and emotionally.

I envision a world full of vibrant music.
Music with fewer restrictions, fewer compromises, but more joy and freedom.

mixing in dolby atmos music

My mixing philo

My ambition is to bring out the natural sound of an instrument, and I focus my work in that direction. I try to make everything sound natural, with the one condition that it has to fit together in the end. I think of it as a jigsaw puzzle with several layers. So I just put things in the right place.

Why 3D audio?

I don’t know if I can give a short answer to this, because it was not really a rational decision. As a double-bass player, I played in local orchestras and felt totally immersed into the corps of all the instruments. I felt like I was bathing in a warm bath of sound.

logo 3D music production
dolby atmos renderer

How I see my role in a music production

First, I approach each song with neutral ears. Then I mix it so that it sounds as good as it can on any medium or playback system. We’re not just talking about CD and vinyl here – there’s also the immersive Dolby Atmos format, which is on its way up in the music world and will give everyone a new and special perspective. But the most important thing for me is to make artists’ dreams come true. Helping them bring their messages and emotions to the world is a real blessing for me.